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You could probably buy a whole turkey for what they want for a pound of good quality luncheon meat. Why not just buy the turkey, roast it, and slice it up and freeze it....

To help keep sandwiches from can use frozen bread,
also use frozen juice carton, or water, and small frozen packs for that purpose. I know it seems like a lot, but better safe, right? *s*
Meat Loaf makes a wonderful sandwich with a little ketchup.

Chicken, when on sale is a marvelous bargain for sandwiches...
also, ham is freezable.....

Meat and fish salads in sandwiches I don't pack in the summer...but I would in winter, on frozen bread and all the other precautions....pack cold fruit...anything you can pack cold keeps lunch cold... *s*

I've even packed fritattas cold for lunch and they are wonderful..

egg and potato, egg and peppers...egg and ham....or whatever..

hard boiled egg and ham and or fried peppers makes a wonderful sandwich....there are all types of good sandwiches you can make
this way...if they start out cold from the refrigerator, they will be just right room temp by the time lunch comes around....

Ever try egg and pepperoni...? it's really good...
eggs are so versatile that it can go with just about anything.

I remember when I was in college and my girlfriend and I were hungry and wanting something to eat....I had 2 eggs and a bit of butter and bread and about 1 tablespoon of parmesean.....and she had a can of mixed veggies.... We were going to go food shopping for the month.

we heated the veggies, and added to scrambled egg and added a bit of cheese and boy was that good.

It's so true...the INCREDIBLE, eatable ...egg. *s*

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