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Our weekend turned out fairly frugal. Enjoyed taking the kids to Kiddie Park, even Josh rode a couple of rides. Still spent 5.00 for a few extra tickets and a popsicle for Evan. Luckily Josh fell asleep by that time! Yesterday we went to the parade. Anna your Mayor was in our parade! Finaly last night we went to fireworks which didnt end up starting until 10 p.m! Needless to say the kids were OUT when we got home!

Joesbaby, Geeze what a storm! Hope you get everything fixed.

Today I think I have completly finished up my resume. Found an ad in the paper that sounds interesting. SO will be sending that out today!

Debora,I may end up going to a temp agency, but I am trying to find full time benefits! I was a temp before I landed my bank job I loved it then. If I could get a longer term assignment then I might not mind just having the money. I just dont want 2 days here 2 days there..... Still waiting for a miracle to come in and dh gets a job so I can continue what I am doing now. Maybe still get a part time on the weekend or something. I know we have to do what we have to do.

Anna,Hope your dh is feeling better, your probaly better safe than sorry for throwing out the chicken.