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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

We are off work today, took a vacation day and am so glad I did as dh is sick from something he ate, has been flying to the bathroom. He's sleeping right now. We ate so much different food yesterday at my sister's that I'm not sure what it would have been. They sent home bunches of food, 10 lbs. of chicken, baked beans, potato salad, and 4 different kinds of pies ( couple slices each) and I'm afraid to eat any of it. The chicken is not cooked but I don't know how long it set out thawing and bil gets real weird if you ask questions about his cooking so we'll just quietly throw it away although it really, really bothers me to throw that much chicken away and unfortunately my sister is working today.


So sorry to hear about the thunderstorms doing so much damage to your car and barn.. Wow! That blows me away to think of such bad weather, very scary.


You say Paula Dean? You are probably right because she was using loads of fattening stuff and laughing about the audience keeping track of how much butter she was using. Very pleasant background noise though. We are just now learning how to use the DVD player on the computer, need more practice. Something is wrong with our portable DVD that is hooked up to our TV, it keeps saying No Disc Found, so it's not reading our CD's. We don't watch DVD's in the summer so we'll wait awhile on getting it fixed, it probably just needs cleaned.


Thanks so much for breaking down the cigarette costs.. I meant to thank you the other day when I was on and forgot to write it down. I will definitely be looking into that the next time I'm at the store. Although smoking hand rolled at work would probably be criticized what we do at home is another thing... people can be such snobs sometimes about things like that.

Well dh is up and wanting fed... so will talk with you all again later.