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Good evening all!!

It's hard to lose a loved one around the holidays. My mother passed on July 6, 1992. Sometimes it is very hard. But I know she would have been upset with her children for not engaging in the celebrations, etc. on her account.

I got some extra rest on this "extra" day off from work. And I am grateful, because now I have swollen glands. So I have had some advil and a popsicle. Why not??? Isn't that what we do for the kids??

Just sitting in front of the tv, crocheting, and watching the concert from Philly this evening. The neighbors are scaring all the neighborhood animals with their fireworks. I thought the cat was going to knock me down getting in the door.

I grilled potatoes and hamburgers outside for dinner. I made a great tomato salad from, of all people who has been talked about on these boards - Paula Deene. It is basically a vinegrette that you marinade tomatoes with. And i made lots of extras for work this week.

We had a very bad automobile accident in our county yesterday. 5 people in 2 cars, and they are all dead. My boyfriend was supposed to take me and my nephew to the boardwalk, until this happened. As he is on the fatal accident squad for the county, he was drafted. He pulled up today out front to tell me that he wasn't going to make it, and he was on his cell phone, makign sure the Captain of the local police department didn't give out any information. 2 people are still unidentified, so their famililes haven't been notified. They can't do autopsies until the notification. So it is holding up the works.

And they closed the highway, a really major thoroughfare, for hours. My sister, who works at a restaruant a couple miles further down, said that she wrote all of 8 checks last night.

I was just a few minutes ahead of this tragic accident yesterday - my girlfriend and I had lunch out, and then I brought her home along that very route.

My boyfriend does incredilble things with the level he wanted for his birthday a few years ago. He figures out things like where the crown in the road should be. Did we even know there was one, other than to make sure that water drained off the surface?? When he was the on the phone this afternoon, he was also asking for the measurements of the barrier that the one car went over, and what it was made of. And I am talking about those triangular concrete barriers that are about 3 ft. tall. It is very complicated.

Then my boss will be wondering if any of the family members will be contacting our office to hire us to pursue insurance on their behalf because a loved one was involved in that accident. I can't get away from it.

Well ladies, I better go for now. I have to get to sleep. Hopefully, the glands will go down during the night. I am the only secretary in the office this week, and I better be on my game, all the way.

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful 4th. After all, there are no more holidays until Labor Day.

Take care all!! Norma