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Oh erica, I hope the homeowners insurance will cover everything. I feel bad for you. Its the 4th and Im not going anywhere. Just got home from starting to move 11 hrs away. Ill be offline starting thursday for about a week. This weekend we took over all 5 horses, barn cats, and another trailer loaded with garage and horse stuff and patio stuff. Gas OMG- are you ready for this,- the two big fords hauling loaded trailers there, then empty on the way back, was $650 !!!!!!!!! I about died. We still have more to move. But, I suppose compared to the $3200 a mover wanted, and they dont haul horses, animals, or gas, or alcohol or food, it will be cheaper. But still.

Im so tired- hope everyone has a great 4th. I dont really like to celebrate, this is the day my mom passed away 8 years ago. I should celebrate for her life tho huh?