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ok lets see..frugal today..not there ever enough you can do frugaly? i always think to my self..oohh i should have done this or changed that....

ok today heres what ive done...

we had a big storm the other day..i got a peice of flying metal strait thru my car door, no kidding..just a huge sheet of metal went right thru my back door and into the frame of my car. not too funny, but i may be getting my car fixed. i have a 250 deductible, but the storm knocked over a treee in my back yard, in my horse lot, and i look like baseballs have run all the way down my new trailer also. so that is a bad thing, keep your fingers crossed i can fix it all pretty decently....but im not too worried tho. its just something that happens. my horses werent hurt when the tree fell, the barn didnt fall in, and my kids were harm no foul right?

frugal doings tho, i dropped some of the extra channels on my satalite dish, it drops my bill down about 10 a month, not much but evey bit helps right? mom also belongs to the netflix and we get dvds on rental there. its nice and she pays.

i gave back my computer i wanted so bad. it was a laptop and i thought id be able to pay it off by the date needed for i couldnt and i gave it back. that hurt some..but i can use desktops, plus i dont have a hookup at home any way..i always use moms computer so thats not a huge deal either.

dropped joes cell phone as far as i can. its 100 flat minutes a month. and its only 16.99 a month. considering he only used it for 8 minutes last month, its not a bad deal. i keep it for when he needs me, or when our son goes on away trips so he can call when he gets back to the school.

got grocerys, spnt too much, saved about 50 in coupons. not a great deal, but not bad either. going to the fireworks tonight, and taking a cooler. that way we save some money that way. were taking tuna salad and sodas and some chips too. that should be enough to holdover the kids. i hope so anyway. lol.

well hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.

talk at you all later
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