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I have been taking anti-depressants my whole adult life and it looks like i will be on them for the rest of my life i have not even turn 30 yet. Why??? both sides of my family suffer from some sort of depression. When i was growing up i always knew that something was wrong and that i was differant. My mama and daddy and grandmother took me every where to find out what was wrong with me. I had x-rays cat scans ekgs blood work and everything you can image i had probes stuck into my head for along time i was going to the doctor so much that i thought i would have to quit school or at least be homeschooled. i was taking a large amount of narctoics because of the miagraine headaches i was having.I can remember for going days on end without any sleep and then when i would sleep it would be for days. Well to make a long story short after i was married i was still trotting to the doctor and finially they dx me with depression/bipolor noone belived it i was to young they could not understand why i was depressed i did not know why still to this day i dont know why. my life has not been a easy one but with the grace of the good Lord i am winning this fight. I take 2 kinds of rx one for the depression and one for anxiety. And now i feel like a new person. In the dark days of my battle the only thing that kept me going was the love of my family. I dont tell anyone about my condition I just want them to know me for who i am a funloving dry humor person that collects cookbooks. I am not ashamed of my condition i just would like to lead a normal life. i still have mood swings but i can control them now . I hope some of this helps you. I dont belive the media when it comes to your medication. I have taken everything on the market paxil,clexa, zoloft,prozac,buspur, and the only thing that works for me is prozac. And i am not scared of this drug. it is the only thing that has helped me lead a some what normal life.
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