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My parents took care of ds#1 after he was born & I went back to work at 8 weeks(part time). They told me before he was born they did not expect any pay. After a couple years of dead end jobs I decided to go back to school(college). After talking to my mom she said as long as I was in school then I would not be paying her to babysit(one income only). She would even get my laundry & take it home with her & when I would pick him up my laundry was done & folded. When I started working as a nurse then I started paying her for babysitting. Then when I got divorced we moved into my parents home(I paid rent & babysitting) until I had a few bills under control & the divorce was finalized. I then moved back into my house & I paid my mom for sitting before & after school. I even bought her a nice new winter coat since she had to come over by 6:30 in the mornings that I worked. I even gave her my extra car to have her own car to drive. It was a 74 mustang, it got her around town without having to wait on someone to take her. I have not really worked fulltiime since ds#2 was born in 99, when I did it was at a preschool & he wwent with me. So when she does watch him it is infrequent & she would not consider asking me for pay. In fact in May I was in the hospital with kidney stones & did not drive for a while(end of school too) she drove out here to my house every morning & took him to school then brought him home to me, she would not accept any gas money from me so I gave her a steak from the steer we slaughtered in May, she took that. Sorry so long winded but you asked for opinions. There are some who believe that they owe nothing for child care. I atleast offer when someone watches my kids. If they turn me down then so be it, but at least I offer.
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