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Thanks Ladies for being so encouraging. Yes, I'm hoping that this is just a temporary phase in my life. I am a SAHM, at the time, and it's summer vacation and my husband is just not "there" for me. Physically he is, but I know we have a marriage that (excuse my language) sucks and he was sort of shocked in a sense of what you when I told him my Dr put me on Zoloft for stress. He doesn't think I should have stress/anxiety/depression or any of the other symptoms. Like my life is so easy, I get to stay home with the kids all day. Duuuh! Hello? Anybody in there? He just is not understanding and that only makes it worse.
Yes, God works in mysterious ways. There is a reason for everything. I always remind myself that things could be worse, I am blessed to have a home (rented but it's a roof over our heads) and three beautiful loving children.
You both have been through alot worse than I have and you are so encouraging and selfless. I truely thank you for letting me lighten up a little. Thank you.

Mom of 3
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