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I have some strong opinions and feelings on this issue. Most children who are pressured to potty by a certain age seem to struggle emotionally as adults. If there is nothing physically or psychologically wrong with her, I wouldn't worry about it. However, I agree with Barbszy in checking on further physical problems. Also, you may want to investigate what is going on in her personal life if she is at a daycare, babysitter, or even at friends' homes when she is away from you. Many times children regress when there is a new baby around getting most of the attention or if there is something upsetting to them such as abuse, divorce, and any other emotionally disturbing things. Although you may not think something is a big deal, such as moving, it may be traumatic to your child. If it is emotional, let her share her feelings with you through coloring or Playdough.

The best ideas I ever got was from a book called, "Potty Training in Less Than a Day." I do not know if it is still in print, but the author potty-trained mentally ill people and shared his ideas. I have never seen a child potty-trained in less than a day, but the ideas really boosted the children that I kept and the parents were impressed. First, get a drink/wet doll--the kind that the child will feed a bottle of water and then turn the baby over the toilet to "pee." Then, get some M&M's or other tiny candy as a reward. I kept them handy in the bathroom so that the child would have an instant reward. (Younge children have NO abstract thinking skills, such as time and therefore would forget the reward in a very breif time.) I would take the child to be potty-trained to the bathroom and let him/her feed the doll the water at the potty. Then, let the child turn the baby over the toilet so it can "pee." Instantly allow the child to give the doll 2-3 M&Ms as a reward. Of course, the child will be able to eat the M&Ms. After a few times, the doll won't need to be feed or to "pee" instead allow the child to do it themself. Also, give the child plenty of salty food so that he/she will be thirsty and thus drink a lot. The more he/she drinks the more he/she will need to unrinate. This will give you more chances to train.

Well, I hope I was a help and not a hinderance. Good luck!
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