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Hi! I do not take Zoloft but Celexa - have been for two years and it sure is nice to know that I can take pleasure in life again! There had been this great thread that started with someone inquiring about Paxil - another anti-depressant / anti-anxiety med - but I cannot find it. It's so frustrating since it had great info from people on these types of meds! Anyway, I hope that those who replied to that one will reply to this one!

Lawnangel and Janet it sounds like you may only need medication for these specific times in your life. I'm really glad that black blanket has been lifted Janet. Lawnangel I'm quite sure you will feel alot better soon.

As for me I'm having to face being on meds for the rest of my life since it's the third time I'm back on them and also because there's family history on both sides of my family. I think I've mostly gotten over the shame and guilt but some of the side effects bother me. I've never had a problem with weight gain until recently... will have to continue later my 2 yr old needs me RIGHT NOW!
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