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Originally Posted by apricot

I had been skinny all my life and then gained 40 pounds before I found out that I had Graves disease. When I first started taking the medicine I gained 10 more pounds and then stayed the same after that. When the doctor took me off the medicine I lost those 10 pounds but still have yet to lose most of the other 40 pounds. Some of it may also be due to menopause because I am close to 50 years.

I can understand your mother not wanting to take her medicine though because even though my doctor said it was helping according to the blood tests, I felt extremely tired all the time but could only sleep in 4-hour intervals. :

It is good that you take your medicine faithfully.


Six years back I was diagnosed as hyperactive; I was taking meds while I was pregnant and then quit after the baby. I am not really sure what hyperactive thyroid meant.
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