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I hurt too!


I hurt too! Giving you a big hug too! We are here for each other...

I have trouble sleeping and being up all night going to the bathroom because I am also incontinent. I had a test ran and should have surgery for that too. How many surgeries do we have to have to make us normal again.

Sometmes I wonder what else could happen that hasn't happen already?

What is it about having surgery that effects the fiberomyaglia? As one of you said in the thread ( can not remember who did? )

Right now, I have something wrong with my fingers and hands; it has been going on for several years; since 1998. I took a trip to Ontario, Canada, to visit friends we meet online. After I got back from there they started splitting, cracking open; with fissures or lesions as they are called, they bleeds also.

I went to a dermatologist he gave me samples to apply to my hands. After several weeks of going to him. He finally said,"Stop using your hands!"

Well, lets see what do I use my hands for??? hummmmm???? How stupid, can you imagine that!!!

Seems, I am rambling again...this happens alot lately...

I then went to another dermatologist for second opinion and he gave me a steroid cream that is for the surface only. With all the antibiotics and steriods that have been given to me since I was 19 years old; next month, the Sept. 17th, I will be 55 years old. I think that my autoimmune system is completely out of whack. I have an over abundance of yeast in my system seems it feels like it is roaming around my whole system.

I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, it started back in 1993, I have gain so much weight it is unbelievable ovr 300+; size 26-28.

My thyroid on the left side was acting up ( hypothyroidism ); my weight then was 135 lbs., size 11-12 this was in 1981. So from 1981 all this must have really started. My God, I didn't know it has been that long.

I had surgery on my thryoid (a cyst was discovered in it.) It kept filling with liquid, they took needles and siphoned it out, they checked it through the lab and it came back fine. So I decided that it would be good idea to have my thyroid removed. Because the doctor who did the surgery said because of my age 34; it would be better while I was younger to have it removed; then to wait until I was to old and complications could happen.

Whew, does this make any sense?

I was off again rambling like crazy; does this mean that I am crazy.

Do not have a doctor that will really listen to me. The insurance companies get involved, (we pay for this insurance premiums too) and do not want the doctors to do their job.

Well, let me go said alot now.

Bye Cheryl