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Good evening all!!

Karen - if you can get that person sneaking into your yard on tape - make sure to turn the tape over to the police, keeping a copy for yourself, and then turn that over to your insurance company, along with a claim. They will take care of going after that person for their money back.

Frugal this evening was dinner - frozen salmon purchased several weeks ago, leftover broccoli and a tomato, onion and cucumber salad with a little bleu cheese dressing. The salmon was still in the big freezer, I forgot to even take it out to the fridge this morning. I laid out the broccoli stalks left over from Sunday (no one other than me will eat the stalks, just the florets) (I split them down the middle), in my large oval microwave steamer, put the fish on them on one end, and a few florets on them on the other end. Microwaved them until everything was done (and it was all done at the same time).

After my nephew goes home from finishing up the mowing, I will raid my freezer for an adult popsicle. I just discovered Edy's Fruit and Juice bars in the lime flavor. I got 2 boxes on sale B1G1 and with a $1/2 coupon. These are certainly too good for kids.

I just took him home, and got the popsicle. Yummo!!

Well ladies, I am going so I can enjoy my pop.

Take care all!! Norma