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Karen, what happened to your pool was terrible!! I certainly hope you filed a police report--should you ever be able to prove it was her, it's a lawsuit!! I'm not a sue-happy person, but doing that was just a mean thing to do! Anyways, my original question was, did you get extra insurance coverage for your pool? Our neighbor did, and said it didn't cost them much more on their homeownwer's insurance. It covers the pool, the water, and any damages done by the water, including to any neighbors' property. If there's a crazy woman with a knife invading your yard, you might want to check into it!

Frugal today--laundry in cold water, watering the garden with the rinse water. Starting to clean the house in preparation for ds1's "1/2" birthday party on Saturday. I'm very glad I opted to keep the menu simple, as dh has once again screwed up the game plan and now I'll have less than $25 to feed over a dozen people. I'm just doing hot dogs, chips, and punch. I have a few inexpensive gifts for goody bags and a few prizes for games. The cake will be made from scratch and decorated by me We'll have ice cream, too, but I've made assorted syrups for snocones so the kids can make their own. It'll be fun!!