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I get the impression you are talking about trying to get your job to give you a disability pension. Anyone who has worked, and contributed to federal taxes is eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. You are not limited to you employer's disability pension system alone. You really need to talk to an attourney on this one!

As far as getting the disability pension from your job...I say go for it!! And best of luck.

I wasn't able to get one because the injury occured not as an "accident" but in the "normal performance of my job".... what a was the "normal" performance of my job, to crawl into an excavated hole that collapsed at a construction site, and haul out a 350 lb man, because I was the smallest paramedic at the scene... None of the men could fit into the hole. Dragging the scoop stretcher over the beams is what tore out my back. It was a lousy loop-hole that still has me bitter, ( as you can probably tell). Then to top it all off..because the job title was "Advanced Emergency Medical TECHNICIAN"...a Technician was not considered to be a "physically hazardous job title" I wasn't entitled to a light duty assignment afterward....Oh I could go on, and on....

Anyway that was a long time ago, and it's all sour grapes by now.

We bear our pains and aches day by day...some better than others...the days that is...LOL!

Good luck with whatever turns out!