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We all fight our battle of the germs in our own ways. Some people use hand sanitizers some don't. Some use bleach to clean house some don't. I am not fanatical about my towels. I have used them more than once sometimes. I was commenting with "my humble opinion" that to use a towel on a continous basis because your body is "clean" might not be true. I don't have to be a paramedic to state an opinion. And by the way, I knew a paramedic that was best friends with every germ possible if you judged by his housekeeping skills, so I don't think that alone makes you an authority on germ free living. Anyhow, it is kind of funny how it going down, we all, do it our own way. By the way, I don't wash my sheets every day, but it wouldn't be a bad thing, I love getting into nice clean sheets.
Sorry to be defensive but I think you struck a cord in me like I was a couple cards short of a deck.
Anyhow, those creepy dead cells being eaten by micro bugs is gross anyway you think of it .............
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