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It is nice to meet someone else here who has a relative with Graves disease. It seems that underactive thyroids are much more common. There is a site that I go to dedicated to Graves disease but there are new people there all the time and they usually ask the same questions over and over again.

I was diagnosed in December of 2002. I had started a new job in the hottest part of the summer in California and the office was adjacent to a Japanese restaurant, so it was always hot because of their boilers. I thought that I was sweating a lot more because of that until I had labs done. Wish I had gone to the doctor sooner. I took medication for 13 months and then the doctor took me off. I chose that over the radioactive iodine treatment.

Do you know if your mother had the radioactive iodine treatment or if she takes medication (PTU)? And you probably take a thyroid replacement medication once a day such as Synthroid or Levoxyl, right?


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