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Rainbow Bridge

My little Angel Baby I know you are at peace now and your not hurting any more. I'll never foreget the why your little ears would flop when you ran. You had the shortest little legs you were so cute.I loved your black and white fur when I'd give you bath you looked so funny you would put your little head on the floor and slide on the rug it was so funny. It made my day when I'd come home and you would meet me at the door and paw at my leg to take you. You were the best thing that happen to me . Angel Baby you were that my Baby I loved you so much the 5yrs I had with you filled my heart . When you got sick I hurt for you I tryed my best to get you going but your little heart was not working for you. June 17 2005 will be the day I'll never forget it's the day I had to let you go . Angel Baby it hurt me so bad I miss you more then anyone will ever know. It's not the same now your not here and it is lonely here . But my sweet little Angel Baby I have the memorys of you and the silly things you did. Best of all I have the time before you were put to sleep. your little sad eyes I told you over and over that I loved you so much. And I'd never forget you Angel Baby that I'll never do I'll alwas remember and love you with all my heart . Angel Baby you play with your little friends in Rainbow Bridge and I'll watch for your little star . Bye Angel Baby I'll alwas love you with all my heart and sole I'll never ever forget are time together you'll alwas be in my heart.
Love You moma

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