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One of my daughter's mom lost 53 pounds using LA Weight Loss. She said that for her it was easy. This was last summer. I haven't seen her in about 6 months until yesterday and it looks like she has gained her weight back. I am not sure what the program involves.
I also have a dear friend from nursing school who just bought a Curves for Women 3 months ago. It seems like a good program. There are 2 diet plans to choose from...a low carb/carb sensitive plan or a calorie counting plan plus you exercise on these machines in sequence for 20 or 30 minutes. I can't remember. She is very excited about it. There is a website that gives more info. Just another option.
I think most smart, healthful programs will work if you work the program, right? Plus you have to give time. The weight didn't go on overnight and so it takes time and commitment to lose it, too.
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