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sorry, I should explain. We never wash our faces in the bath. faces and hair are washed at the sink.
We use one smallish towel for hairwashing, one bath towel for the body, one small towel for faces and one small one for handwashing.
The small towels I buy from Cost-co and are sold for cleaning cars etc. They are about 12" square so we use lots of them as you could put about 20 of them in one wash load. They are made of lovely white cotton towelling.
We also have one flannel each (I think you call them washcloths) for washing the private parts and one for the rest of the body.
I also teach the children to dry themselves off with the flannel while they are standing in the bath then the bathtowels do not get very wet.
This is the way our family use towels and it has worked well for many years.
Everyone is different. My brothers family use 3 large towels each and then throw them in the wash, but there are only three of them. A large family would find that difficult to keep up with.
Your children never listen, but they sure do copy!!
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