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Welcome Snowmoonelk Was wondering if you have Tea there instead of dinner?

Hello, Laurie, thanks for the welcome, thanks, too, futureteacher and boogsZ. Nice people you have on here, I am enjoying myself immensely.

Well, Laurie, I suppse I should have said "dinner" but it depends on how posh I feel whether I call it "dinner" or "tea"!!

We start the day with breakfast, have lunch, then tea (or high tea!), followed by dinner, then supper!

Some people call dinner "tea", some (confusingly!) call it "supper". Lots of people call lunch "dinner". Phew, it's a social minefield as one can be categorised class-wise according to what one says!!! (As if "one" cares!!!)

My frugal tip for today is to keep hens. I get fresh, free-range eggs daily.