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Advice wanted on starting a new cleaning business

I'm thinking of starting up my own cleaning business. I need some input. I have 3 apartments that I am doing now. I have been charging $7.50 an hour. The work I have been doing hasn't been extremely difficult, with the exception of one of the kitchen floors last month, that has a lot of wax buildup or something on it, but this week I am going to be stripping that all off and starting over.
I am charging this amount because of two reasons. So far these have been fairly easy jobs, and these are retired ladies on fixed incomes living in a low income apartment building.
Well after all my rambling on, if you have some advice for me, please feel free.
Do you think I should approach the landlord and let him know that I am available to clean other apartments and he can refer them to me via phone? He knows that I am already cleaning there, because he talked to the first lady that I started cleaning for and told her that I am not charging enough.
Do I need to be bonded and how do I go about doing that?
I love my little hand steamer, I did the blinds for one of the ladies last month, thats how I got a job for the 3rd lady. She was so impressed with her blinds going from tan to white, that she wants me to come do her apartment too.
What about putting a magnetic ad on my car?
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