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dlj5752 , Some people have very good reasons for conserving on use of towels.Maybe they have water shortages and conserve by using a clean towel on clean body parts to dry and using it again on CLEAN body parts. I do not personally like to use the same towel for face and body but I have because of water shortage and/or too many people in the house as well as trying to have time to do something beside laundry. We had 11 people here for about 20 years ,that's a load of towels and washcloths everyday. At the time I was already doing 2 loads of laundry a day without the towels. Then on the weekends I had towels ,bedding and any curtians etc I was going to do to catch up on. To each there own and athough I no longer do this no one has ever died from it and we were always very clean people. I also have a boarding home and our clients have to have one handtowel per week for there hands after bathroom visits etc..imagine the amount of germs that towel carries if you abide by that state rule and don't give them more each week. Yuck!LOL They do get a bath towel for baths also.
I don't know ...I think there is probably a lot of controvercy about this. Thanks for your input.
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