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Welcome Snowmoonelk!!

This is a great site, and everyone is so nice and helpful. Enjoy!
Ive been frugal not going anywhere and hanging clothes out in between the clouds.
I wont be on much as I too, Like leasmom, am moving at the end of the month. Back to Montana Yippee!!! I cant wait. So lots to do, little time. And Im trying not to get stressed and think I need to do everything today. Im taking my time. Ive been picking up boxes behind the grocery stores, but I will have to buy about 4 used wardrobe boxes. They are 6.25 each.
I love flea markets, however since Ive moved from CAlif. years ago, they dont have any in the midwest near here. Fleamarkets are one big garage sale. Loads of people in rows with all their stuff for sale. Its great.
Im looking forward to going to the Butte, MT local farmers market. Here, Im just to far to drive up just for that.
Well, off to maybe highlite my hair. Only cost 6.99 compared to $40 at the beauty parlor. Save, save save!