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Yes, Train, it really does work!! I don't know about the metabolism part of it, but you will see and feel a difference really quick when you lift weights. Don't get discouraged, though. You have to do the aerobic stuff, too, to burn off the fat so you can see your nice firm muscles. And there was a point that I was gaining muscle faster than I was losing fat, so I was actually gaining weight, but I was getting smaller. I had joined Curves and loved it--I just couldn't afford it anymore and had to stop. You should definitely make the extra effort to get your tush in there lol!! Trust me, it'll get easier to keep going the more you do it. Working out is like a drug--pretty soon you won't feel right if you go without it. Plus, once you see the results, it'll be easier to make sure you do it. You can take that one to the bank: I'm currently at 107 pounds lost, and between feeling a thousand times better physically, and the constant compliments as opposed to the rude stares, I'm also a happier person overall. If I get frustrated or upset, a nice brisk walk in the fresh air does a world of good. And hitting the weight bench is a good way to work out some aggression, too!!

So I'm with the dr. on this one--GO FOR IT!!!
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