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melly & bluebird

hanging my head in shame as I too have not been very frugal this weekend. We spent over $300 in 2 days between grocery stores and my candle supply store, Ouch!

Will have to really, really do better this coming week.

I bought a big container of vanilla yogurt ( I should get motivated to make my own again). Anyways, I also bought a bag of frozen strawberries. I'm going to mix the two and try to make smoothies to take to work in the leftover containers from the smoothies we already bought. The container was $1.79 regular priced versus $2.99 on sale for 4 small smoothies. So we'll see how it goes.

Dh replaced our shower head last night for $9.00 in parts at Lowes Hardware. He also replaced a electrical outlet in the wall, converted it from a 2 phase to 3 phase (I think I'm saying that right?) where you don't need that little converter thingy when you have a 3 prong plug. Cost: 59 cents for the new box.

I bought Leather scent at the candle supply store today. I'm going to make it into scented salts which I will put in sealable envelopes and put in our vehicles to make them smell like new leather.

We also bought Lemongrass, Cherry, Honeysuckle, Nag Champa, and Aqualina Sugar Pink and more incense sticks. It takes awhile to make those incense sticks 3 days and alot of patience. I burned my first one tonight "Moonlight Path".

Well I'm off for now, housework awaiteth.