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Lightbulb saving at the grocery store

I do all of the above but also go to our local grocery outlet, the brands may be from other areas of the country but the food is still good quality. Canned veggies are about 39cents a can, name brands are less than half of instore prices. I have a huge pantry, upright freezer and space for bulk storage of paper products.
I buy in quanity when on sale and seldom ever pay full price for anything!
I've also quit buying paper napkins, I've picked up fingertip towels for less than $ each, they last for years. I keep a small wastebasket of worn out cut up towels that I use to wipe up spills etc, no paper towels. We have a picnic box in the car from spring thru fall, with plastic dinnerware, old silverware cups and glasses. A picnic is as easy as a take out from the grocery store if we are caught out or from home if I plan for it.
I also buy cleaning supplies at other places than the grocery store
big box stores are usually cheaper than the local grocery for all cleaning supplies. I buy Simple Green by the gallon and dilute to specs, cheap and good. In the kitchen I use vinegar and water!
My motto is never buy today what will go on sale tomorrow.

Linda C.
Linda in WA
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