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1. I have everyone in family (of 5) make list of what they'd like to have foodwise and what they need for personal items.
2. I make up a week's menu taking into consideration what family members would like from their lists.
3. I check the local newspaper and store ads for sales items and make a list of the items I need or want to stock up on. I compare these against the menu and family lists.
4. I then make a Master Grocery List made up of items from the other lists and the menu.
5. I get out my coupons and discounts/rebate forms and put together all I can use for the items on the Master List. I use as many as I possibly can. Sometimes these may total as many as 25 or 30.
I NEVER buy anything just because it's on sale or have a coupon for an item unless I know I will use it, can it or freeze it for future use.
I ALWAYS make sure I have eaten shortly before I go grocery shopping. Reduces impluse buying greatly.
If I need a coupon for an item on sale and I don't have one, I ask friends if they have one and I trade with them for another coupon they need.
I take only enough cash with me to cover what I think the cost of the groceries and a cup of coffee after shopping will come to.. (I get the coffee on the way home in the car / reduces temptation to spend more money in a restaurant.)
Any money left over from the cash I had prior to shopping gets put in a cash box and saved until it accumulates to an amount that can be used for something special for the family, an activity, eat out night, etc.
Barbara S
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