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Hi y'all...

My dogs have always enjoyed raw carrots, apples pears, peaches....The dog we have now eats all of that plus melon, any kind, tomatoes, all kinds of berries...and sardines, tuna, salmon shrimp....any fish we are eating......

We are fortunate in that he will eat dog food and people food, separate and mixed.....and will eat dog food without people food mixed in. He will eat whatever we eat.....Fortunately he has no allergies.

We went to visit some friends out of town and spent more time out in that area than we had planned. We had also done some shopping, and we were getting dog had baked fish from Long John Silver with rice. That was his supper.

We stayed overnight in a motel.....for breakfast the next morning we had bacon and eggs....and, since I have my dog certified for the handicapped, he is allowed by law in a restaurant. He spent his time under the table. When we left we had ordered a scrambled egg and 1 slice of very crisp bacon. He ate that in the
SUV...along with fresh water. We continued shopping since we were there anyway, and around 3 we stopped for Fresh french fries....pup had a grilled burger....plain. Then we went home...and back to regular routine. This can not be done with all dogs....but I've been fortunate in that this is the 3rd one that I've been able to do this with... *s*
Dogs love raw apples and's a good treat for them....*s*

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