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My husband also tells me that he likes sandwiches best..but Instead of getting the store bought meats, I make a roast (like a pot roast or even roast beef or pork) and cut the meat very small...almost shaved, then add bbq sauce. IT keeps the meat moist and he likes the taste. I also do the same with Chicken. By buying a whole chicken and using the meat as leftovers you can put that on a pita with lettuce and tomato and onion, or whatever in a baggie on the side so it doesn't get all goopy. Then just add a small baggie or tupperware container of salad dressing. Just make sure you get the disposable husband RARELY brings back my tupperware...if anyone has a motivation for that let me know!!
You also may want to buy an insulated lunch box, bag or cooler. Instead of using those ice packs, send him with a 1/2 bottle of frozen water. Before he goes in the AM, he or you can fill the water up the rest of the way. That way he can drink it with his lunch. You could save those water bottles and fill it with iced tea or juice as well.
Taco salads work well with left over ground beef. Send him with chips in a baggie, a small salad and the ground beef and some salsa.

Good luck to you both!

Just make sure that he is cooking for you on weekends!!!!
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