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Hello again..

The barf diet is excellent for dogs and they are in no way subject to e-coli or salmonella problems because of it. A dogs digestive tract is significantly shorter than a human's, therefore, the parasites cannot multiply fast enough to become a problem for them, they are expelled way before they can do any harm. The problem with barf diets is that it is time consuming and you really have to pay close attention to the amounts of the different ingredients that you mix up for the pet, so that they get a balanced diet. With 5 kids, I just don't have the time to do this correctly which is why I stick with a commercially prepared food (Canidae). I do however, supplement the dog's diet with apples, raw carrots, raw turkey necks (which are wonderful for cleaning their teeth, the vet has never seen such clean teeth on a dog before mine), an an occasional dog biscuit.

If you are interested in the barf diet, you should really buy the book and read it thoroughly or find a holistic veterinarian to help you with it.

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