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Good evening all!!

Frugal for me this evening was cooking like I was at a restaurant. I made a "salad" which is exactly like what one of the restaurants in the area charge $2.99 for as a side - a wedge of lettuce with bleu cheese dressing on it. Then I heated some breaded scallops and made a "microwave" baked potato. With a big glass of home brewed iced tea, it was teriffic. And it would have cost me a good $15.99 or better at a restaurant. And the atmosphere is teriffic too - vases of roses (homegrown of course) scattered here and there for the whole house to "stink" just right. I also had no reactions that I normally have at a restaurant after the salad course.

Not much else frugal - lunch taken to work is about all. And I stayed away from the pharmacy next door to my job.

Anyway, no money spent here today, nor hopefuly, tomorrow.

Barbzy - I got those hefty kitchen bags too - and I just opened a box of 120. It is a shame I didn't have more coupons. I might check to see if there are any listed on eBay that I can just pay for with paypal and have them sent immediately. Even though I live by myself, it seems that I have 3-4 bags a week. Not having to buy trash bags means more money that I can shift to other spending - or giving. ShopRite has 2 lb. bags of their plain rice on sale 4/$3.00, so I bought 4, and just took them to my sister's house to pass on to the food pantry. I have made up my mind that I will do something every week, and not just all at one time.

Lee- Happy Anniversary, and I hope your dh is just waiting until the right time tonight to call you and tell you he has landed that job you two need so badly.

Well ladies, I now have the other part of that restaurant work to do - clean up.

Take care all!! Norma