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Gosh, was I frugal, and I didnt even try!!

Since Im moving, I need to repaint this place, really needs it. But didnt want to spend much money. I first got some paint at Big Lots for 4.99 gallon, its flat latex. ( Not my choice, but Im moving, so who cares?)
Then driving by a hardware store, I saw a sign, latex paint 2.99 a gallon Well, I whipped in there so fast I gave myself whiplash. HeeHee. Couldnt believe it. Latex flat 2.99 off white.
I felt good.
Except gas is back up to 2.14 which bites.
Nice out today, so hung out 2 loads of laundry. Watched RFD TV a show on colt breaking, so went out and used my new found knowledge on my 2 yo. Didnt look as good as on TV - but hey, the concept is there.