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Good Afternoon Ladies


Happy Anniversary and I sure hope your dh gets good news on the job front. I truly admire you for hanging in there and not getting too stressed out. It is such a scary thing.. times have changed so much. It used to be you could get a job and as long as you did a good job, you were set for life. Not anymore. With the advent of temp. services and jobs being shipped overseas it’s definitely a employers market anymore.

Gosh Leighann

I have to admire your perseverance in not turning the AC on, we’ve had ours going for awhile. It is so incredibly hot and humid here, be careful what you ask for. In my office we have the AC on but it’s still so hot I have a fan going too.

My Shop: You may be right Lee, time will tell I guess. We want to go to the flea market this weekend to scope things out there. The guy said be there at 6:00 am even though it doesn’t open till 7am. It’s only $6.00 for a space.


Dh has me do most of his clothes shopping and I discovered last week that shorts have a inseam in them… I didn’t know that. He now has shorts that go below the knee. They look o.k. but I guess I need to buy a shorter inseam? Why do they need a inseam? Strange.


Cherry Almond… yum! That one doesn’t seem to be one on my list, bummer. I’ll have to ask them about that one. They are always getting in new fragrances, still waiting for that “His Essence” one to come in.

Mrs. Maniac
Yeah, guys do tend to like the vanilla also coffee scented candles although my dh really dislikes the coffee scented candles. His favorites besides the Wango Tango are Jasmine, Cherry , Patchouli and Vanilla. He also likes Lilac-he’s a odd ball what can I say, lol!


I meant to mention, you ask a couple days back who was redecorating… it’s Idyroper. She’s buying a new house and was talking about the blue and white speckled wall paper in the kitchen. We gave some hints to docorate it till she can remove it.