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Happy Anniversary Lee and dh.

Doing lots of laundry today but I can hang it out. It is nice and breezy here... I don't care, the sun is shining!

Ds has been calling around trying to find a used radiator for the pick up and a window motor for the van. I really hate to drive 80 miles one way to get a window moter. I will be up there next week. I need to call back and see if they can ship it out. Why didn't he ask that? Oh yeah, cuz he wants to 'run' to town.

I have made applance covers for my mixer, Mrs. Tea Pot, Nesco, blender and coffee pot. They get so dusty.... I used some material I had planned to get rid of. It is blue. I think I am doomed to have a blue kitchen forever...... I am in such a sewing mood! Capris for me are next, I think.
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