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Did a Walmart run this AM myself. DS has suddenly outgrown all his "appropriate for church" shirts except long sleeved ones. Yesterday he wore an Old Navy Tshirt and we only let him do it because he was an altar server and it would be covered by the altar robe! I got him 2 golf shirts so that should do it. Couldn't get any in his favorite dark green. He will have to live with navy and white.

Later we went to the supermarket where we used our coupons to get 4 free boxes of trash bags, and 4 bottles Mott's apple juice with calcium at half price. Since Luke doesn't drink milk, I have to get calcium into him some other way.

I have 2 loads of wash on the line, enjoying the sunny day. I did discover a "roller gel" type ink pen in DS's bathing suit pocket and the ink got on one of DH's favorite T-shirts Now I have to figure out if there's a way to wash that out. At least I didn't put it in the dryer. The ink would be in there forever.
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