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Hi Janet.

No kidding about Bil Jac. The girls really do love it. I even buy the reduced fat kind. It runs either $14.99 or $15.99 for the 15 pound bag and I think around $30 or so for the 30 pound. I don't think they make a canned dog food, or at least my PetSmart doesn't carry it. If you go to their site, sign up and they will send you a sample, which is about a pound or so, for you to try and then send you a rebate of $3, I think, after you buy your first bag. I got my free sample of regular Bil Jac and then emailed them with a request to try the reduced fat and they sent me another pound sample to try. They seem to be great people. I think Sam's Club carries it also, at least they used to. But, I rarely go there.

I agree with you about dogs. Don't know how I'd live without them, even though they can be a real pain. But, they give me lots of laughter, love, companionship, and just warm fuzzies. Mine are mother and daughter and look nothing alike. Maggie (mom) is a border collie mix with long black hair, brown and white trim. Jessie is white, short hair and is the Queen of this house. She's a character. She comes over when I'm on the computer and puts her paw on my shoulder and pulls me. She usually wants to go out or some water, but sometimes, I've just been on the computer too long. She's funny.

Anyway, hope you like Bil Jac. It's worth a try anyway and they say some really good things about how healthy it is and the girls do love it more than anything else I've tried. And, I think we've tried about everything out there. They just wouldn't eat dry food for a long time, only canned. Now, they eat more dry than canned.
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