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I got the computer up last night thanks to a wonderful rep at Dell! I decided that maybe if I called them I didnt have to wait for dh to come home. After almost 2 hrs (thankfully all the kids were napping) I did it. So proud of myself!
Dh got an interview for today, at a job that the pay is comprable to what he was making at his old job. Please say a prayer this leads to a postion! I miss him we have only ever been apart for a week once for a week in our 15 yrs of being together! He realized it was for the best that he went this intial time by himself. I think the kids and I would have just slowed him down!
If this works out they told him they could give him 2 wks to start so he can rent a cheap 1 bedroom apartment and probaly by the time we would sell the house he may be comfortable enough with the area that we could just go straight to a house! This would be the perfect senerio (sp?) Praying so hard for this! Will hate being apart but in the long run will be okay and I know that.
Gosh I sure have a lot of posts to catch up sorry if I miss anything.
Hope all goes well with the new dr.
Your bottles look very cool. Hope they sell well.
Congrads on finding a house, good luck with the kitchen sure you find a great way to decorate it.
Welcome to family corner. Congrads on becoming an aunt.
Mom 2-4
Sounds like kids being kids. I would not pursu it any further, just tell your dd if it happens again to come straight to you or the other mom!
Hope you enjoyed or are enjoying your quiet time for reading.