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Anna, I think maybe they have their schedule of TV shows they watch during the week. That is when the same shows are on at the same time every day, all day. Whereas on the weekends, those shows are not on!! And of course like you mentioned, transportation. If they are on SS chances are they can't drive. And if they are collecting food stamps, chances are they can't afford the expense of a car and/or only have one car and one spouse is working during the week. Don't forget just because they are collecting food stamps, doesn't necessarily mean they don't work!!

Barbszy, our Wally World is like that. We normally go shopping on a Saturday morning, and it never fails, they have just about every aisle full of skids of stock, and it is impossilbe to walk through them! I can't help but wonder why they can't stock them at night during the slow hours. I am sure there are people out there that would work third shift just stocking shelves when the store is empty.

Frugal, cold water wash, I did throw the wash in the dryer, as it is raining. But, I did reuse fabric softener sheets!

I know this is not the right place for this, but, I am sure you ladies can make me feel at ease and lead me in the direction I should go!

My neighbors have a DD the same age as my DD. They also have a DD that is older and has children one being the same age as the neighbors DD and my DD.

Yesterday all the kids were out playing, and I was talking to the older DD of the neighbors. As the kids were playing apparently my DD and the neighbor's little DD pulled their (own) pants down.
The older DD let their Mom know that our two DD's did this. And at that point the Mom told the DD that my DD pulled her DD's pants down a few weeks ago. I was never told about this. But the older DD told me about it, just yesterday.

So, I talked to my DD about this to let her know that both pulling own pants down, and someone elses is wrong. She looked at me with a look and stated that she did NOT pull the other girls pants down, that that little girl pulled her own pants down!!

Apparently I am not supposed to know about this going on. The Mom claims to have seen this. But, my DD is very persistent with her story, and keeps saying that she did NOT pull the other girls pants down. (My DD has the same story today, as she had yesterday!!)

Do I just brush this off, until maybe it comes up again. Do I assume that the Mom did not see all that was going on, and was embarassed that her own DD pulled her own pants down, and is just blaming it on my DD?

My DD, and the other DD's two sons, all say that the other DD is the one who pulled her pants down first outside yesterday. And my DD just followed behind and pulled hers down.

Any opinions, I really don't want to just bring it up to the Mom, due to not wanting to start something between the Mom and the older DD. (As I really do appreciate the DD telling me about it, because if my DD really did do this, I need to know. So, that I can correct her and let her know that actions like that are NOT acceptable. So if I were to make the DD mad, she might not tell me anything anymore).

Thanks for listening!!!

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