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Sounds to me like they had the kitchen decorated in that blue duck theme that was so popular in the late 80ís early 90ís. you can still find some of that stuff in the market place. You could go with the metal ware that is speckled blue. I have a metal coffee pot in that color that I keep all my wooden spoons in that I use for my candle making, just happened by accident to end up in it but it looks good. That kind of ware you can find here at Meijers or I think Walmart might also have it in the camping/fishing section. Pretty cheap too. They have plates, cups, and the coffee pot. Just a couple ideas.


Good luck with the screening. My sisterís both have had that pre cancerous cells as well as one of my girlfriends. Itís scary stuff but most of the time nothing to worry about, if it is cancer they just burn it off. Not exactly painless but not horrible either from what they tell me. Iím due for my annuals too after you hit that 40 mark they want mammograms every year, totally bites! I hate the having to schedule so many appointments. Gyn, mammogram, doctor every 3-4 months, dentist, eye doctorÖ it just never seems to end.

Our gas at one station is $1.99 right now, a few blocks over same gas station is now $2.09. Tell me that makes sense? They are both Speedways literally within walking distance of each other. I think at home our Shell was $2.05 this morning. I have a half tank of gas in my truck, I think dh has about that in our cadillac so we shouldnít have to get gas till the middle of next week if we donít go anywhere like the candle supply places.

Frugal & Time Saving Last Night:

Went to Giant Eagle after I made our dinner. I was out of coffee so I bought Maxwell house, large can for $5.00 something on saleÖ normal price was over $8.00- no way would I ever pay $8.00 for a can of coffee, totally crazy. Iíve started making half pots of coffee as a full pot was too much for my thermos and coffee travel mug so I was wasting some of the coffee. With their in store sales I saved $9.00 and some cents. The time saving part is itís the first of the month and this weekend the stores will be jam packed so I went while it was relatively slow. It puzzles me why so many people who are getting food stamps, ss# checks, always wait till the weekend to shop when they are home all week and can go anytime they want to. I donít mean to sound snobby in anyway it just puzzles me. I know some elderly folks like my mil depend on relatives to take them to the stores and weekends are the only time allowable but goodness! Our stores are packed to the max everywhere you go. And unfortunately itís not because our stores are having special weekend sales either. My bil has the right idea. He works evenings and doesnít get off till around 12-1 am.. he shops Wally World then, has the whole store to himself most of the time.

Well thatís about it for nowÖ we have the Muirfield Golf tournament going on here this week and all my front office people are going, different times all week. The owner is getting ready to go now (of our company, that is). The sun has actually come out so he switched from umbrella and baseball cap to sunscreen and straw hat, lol!