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I truly believe that deep down, you know when something is wrong. And I feel that the doctors should listen to me when I tell them that I feel that keeping my uterus is not helping my overall health.
Keep telling them, girl! I would be healthier if I would have stomped my foot at my GYN. Even chewed the rep out a little bit. IMHO if you have ever had trouble with your ovaries then take them out as well! IF any of my GYNs would have listened to me, I would have 'only' had three surgeries not six. That is too stupid. I see the best GYNs we have out here. I would have died if I was seeing a bad doctor.

The woman's quatto razor.... I find I am going thru blades like crazy. Much faster than the cheapo razors I normaly use.

We bought a digital camera. Now I hope I bought a good one and I hope I can learn to use it. The manual is scary......
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