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Hey all, been so busy since I got back from Montana

found a nice place on 20 acres and they accepted my offer. Waiting for this place here to close, taking forever. Wish me luck. Its only 15 min to town, as opposed to 60 min over where Im at now. Ill need ideas for the kitchen, its all WHITE. white counter tops. Ive never seen that. white cupboards. wall papaer with little specks of blue and maroon, all on white. Something has got to get painted in there. Dont know if the cupboards and walls, or just cupboards. Wish I could replace those all together, but NOT.

anyhow, crochet2- hope this doctor will help you out. I told my doctor (a gal, and I love her, now moving will have to find another one) that Im sick of having periods, ! Im having no more kids, why cant we just get rid of all that stuff in there. She said, well, we could have you complain of pains, or make something up. I laughed. I think, if youwant all that stuff removed, and are willing to pay for it, why not? esp if youve had some abnormalities. Why wait till it may be to late?

Gas 1.88 a gallon? Wow, that would be a dream. Its down to 2.05 here. Yippee.

When my kids were little, they used to be in the burgerKing club, with free meals on their birthdays. That was always a plus. Actually, alot of places give you a free meal on your birthday, but dont always advertise it.

Trying to be frugal, its been raining, so hanging clothes on the line is out. I did get my electric bill under $95 last month, and now my goal is less. A big relief as months before it was $250. That was winter with all the deicers etc... plugged in.