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We adopted a 5MO dobe from a rescue over 2 years ago, and tried ALL of the premium diets to control his chronic diarrhea. We spent a fortune on food, which we were mixing with plain cooked white rice just so the food would stay in him long enough to get utilized by his system. Then we tried the Walmart premium dog food brand - Maxximum Nutrition it is called - in the lamb and rice formula and he has done PERFECT on that ever since. We also buy him the chicken and rice at times, and feed our tiny dog with it too (she'll eat anything!). Both Chandler and Bing love it, and Chandler hasn't had intestinal upsets in over a year, ever since he's been on it. And it's less than $20/40# as well.

The next step would have been the B.A.R.F diet but I didn't really want to go there if I didn't have to...

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