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I don't cut mine too small, cause I cook my roast until it just falls apart and the veggies tend to get a little mushy if the veggies are too small.

I made one roast where I didn't want veggies, well i had planned to make shredded bbq beef, but opted a different waay later.... anyway,

I sliced a large onion, placed on bottom, then placed the roast on top. No water... When the roast was done the juices looked so good that I made a flour and water thickener and added it to the juice to make a wonderful roast gravy...after I removed the roast. Added some salt and pepper. Let it cook til thickened..... Man , it was soooooooooo good

I made another one just like the onion soup mix and added brown gravy mix also... IF I added water it was only a small amount 1/4 cup maybe. The juices from the meat plus the steam is just about all you need, I have found. It was good but a little to salty for me.

I have been collecting crockpot recipes the last couple of months, so I am anxious to try the ALL!!
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