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In answer to your post about wondering what we have gained since we've been on this site, I'd have to say that I have already benefited a lot, and I've only been posting since February or so of this year! I have definitely become a lot more aware of what I have been spending. And seeing other people's great deals (especially Norma's--she is quite the master at this!) has really inspired me to seek out good deals myself. I've also started doing a lot more cold water laundry and hanging things to dry when I can. It's also a huge help to know there's this little group here pulling for each other all the time--kind of keeps me motivated to do things like keep bringing lunch to work when it would be SOOO much easier some days just to stop and get fast food! And there have been so many little pieces of advice here and there that I've adapted--I can't even think of them all right now! I'm just so glad that I happended to run across Family Corner and this thread!!