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Hi everyone

It's been a busy morning here entering catalog requests for work and mailing some out. It's funny when I look at the address and think... gosh, my DNA is going all over the world ( I know, too many CSI movies, LOL!). Got more to do but thought I'd stop in and say hi. It's stormed here last night, and it's cool and dark today although the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. We're supposed to have sun tommorow and hopefully our yard sale. Dh is already balking at taking out the ottoman that's taking up a 1/4 of our extra bedroom...guess I'm not even going to suggest the entertainment center, sigh!

Frugal: Not much, just washing and hanging clothes inside still since our weather is so iffy.


Too bad you can't find that article. Everyone here yesterday was wanting to eat the strawberry shortcake candle. I said maybe I should set up a cart in front of the weight watchers clinics, that info. would definitely be a asset.

Well ladies, I'm off to do more catalogs.

So glad to hear that everyone is getting so much from this section and so very glad that Kimmyo started this so long ago.