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I liked the site you had posted, it has good tips most of which I do!
I think that family corner is a great site with many online friendships, I certainly have learned a lot in the years I have been a member.
I will be resarching on the net to find out cost comparison on moving. I am sure there is one out there somewhere.
The biggest itmes we need to move are my armoir in the living room my living room furniture, our bed and ds1s bed. Leaving the crib behind as we borrowed from dhs cousin for both our boys. It is code and was very expensive according to cousin, has slept 5 babies thus far. Will probaly be passed along to cousins grandchildren. Not taking dhs and my dressers, hand me downs and will be giving those to sil for her extra room she has. (Belonged to dhs parents orignally)
Mom to 4, thanks for the well wishers. Glad to hear your dh is getting more work! I bet it is hard to beleive that all 4 of your kids will be in regular school!
THat is positvive that your car can be fixed! !
Happy Friday everyone.