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Good morning, everyone! Ahh, finally after a few days, I have access to a computer again!
I love this site for the friendships, and also how everyone is so caring and encouraging to each other. Also, the more I read about being frugal the more I tend to think about it and stay focused on it as well.
Our gas here tends to be a little less than it is in Louisville. Frugal last night wass filling up the car when it was 1.87. It looked like a lot of places were changing their signs to 2.06. I've noticed that many times prices will go up on Thursday night, right before the weekend. With dh driving to Louisville to work every day, gas is one of our biggest expenses right now. At least the good thing is if he has to drive to another town, they will reimburse the gas mileage. We were adding up last month how much we'd spent, and it was a little over 200.00! So, if I have to go to Louisville, I combine everything and try not to go unless I need to.
Connie, I'm so glad that you're okay. That must have been so scary!
Anna, you are making me hungry! I read somewhere that lighting candles with baking scents is supposed to help suppress your appetite, but mmm, I think it would have the opposite affect on me! LOL
Take care and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!