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Wow, I miss a week, and a new What Did You Do Frugal Today takes place!!!

Leighann, good luck with the move!! That would be scary!! Good luck with DH finding a job.

Leasmom, good luck with your move, as well as ldyroper!!

It has been a busy week. Last week DD3 was sick from late Thursday night until early afternoon sunday. DD2 got sick late Saturday night, but she was better by Sunday evening. DH got sick late Sunday night, as well as DD#1, it took until late Tuesday for them to recover.

Sunday afternoon, one of my neighbor friends was in a car accident, so she has been coming and sitting with me during the day, so she is not alone. She is prone to seizures, and was on prescription pain meds. Her DH is home today, so she will not be sitting with me today.

DH, ended up not taking that other job offer. Until he asked around, and found out that that company is not doing as well as they had been in the past. And when he told his current employer that he was looking, his boss got upset, and now he has more work! Which is a good thing.

Frugals have been eating from home, cold water wash. I hope to get back into the routine of hanging laundry out to dry starting next week. Today it is rainy and dreary, so I hope to sort through DDs toys, and maybe get rid of some!

I plan to plant some tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and hot peppers this weekend. I got the packs of seeds @ 8/$1. So that was frugal. Our strawberry plant looks wonderful, it has tiny little green strawberries right now. So, I hope the birds, and ducks let them alone.

That is another frugal thing we have been doing. Feeding the baby ducks bread from the freezer, the stuff that got freezer burnt, stale, or just the crusts, that I had in the freezer.

And DD's bike tire was so bent that the wheel was scraping the chain guard. I was thinking that we were going to need to get her a new tire. But, it turned out that all DH had to do was tighten the spokes, and it straightened it out!!

I am also going to take advantage of the free "camps" that our rec center is offering. DD3 will be taking a dance camp, and a craft camp, and swimming lessons. And DD2 will be taking a cooking camp, and swimming lessons as well. They will all be free. DD3 is also going to band camp, but that is at a cost of $44, but that includes a bus trip to Hershey Park for an afternoon, after they perform there!!!

DD3's last day of preschool will be next Wednesday!! Where has the last nine months gone???? Next year she will be a big kindergartner!! Out of a list of 16 things they need to know she only got two wrong. And that is because she writes her name with some capital letters, and she holds a scissors in a very weird way, but does a great job cutting, so they marked those two that she can't do them!!!!

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